NAGY FRUZSINA –I am a Hungarian costume designer, based in Budapest and presently working on numerous productions in theatre and film in Hungary and other European countries. I began my studies in London (1993) and completed an MA in Textile Design at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts (1998). During this time I also studied Theatre Costume and Set Design at Nottingham Trent University as well as Textile Design at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. In 2014, I completed my DLA studies, which focuses on the teaching methods in relation to theatrical masks and make-up. I am interested in the relationship of the human body and its surrounding world in every aspect: costumes, masks, make-up, fashion or visuals. Anything can inspire me. I take a very stuctured approach to every project I undertake, which enables me to consaptualise the relationships and interactions between different aspects of a particular project. I love to travel and become inspired by other cultures, so I take every opportunity to work abroad. In Hungary I worked with Árpád Schilling at Krétakör Company, Róbert Alföldi at National Theater, Tamás Ascher and Gábor Máté at József Katona Theater, Viktor Bodó at Sputnyik Theater, and many others. Abroad I worked in Graz, Basel, Cologne, Vienna, Zurich and Heidelberg. I also make workshops at the Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama.

Over the past decade I directed a few (4) Costume shows, where I used costumes as the „Main Caracters” of the stage. These costumes were eather experimental, or unusual always reflecting on something I was interested at the time.
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